Rob Spewak, Research Manager, Red River College

Rob Spewak joined Red River College 2007 as Research Manager for Research, Partnerships & Innovation. He has focused on developing the applied research activities for the College and matching external partners and projects with internal capabilities. Since 2015, he has managed the Building Envelope Technology Access Centre, or BETAC. He led a team in the writing of the proposal to create BETAC, which is funded by NSERC’s Technology Access Centre program. He has focused on developing the applied research activities in the building construction industry and oversees the strategic direction and business development activities for BETAC. Rob is focused on growing the service, training and applied research activities for BETAC. BETAC’s mission is to improve the energy performance and durability of buildings particularly in Winnipeg’s extreme climate. Rob holds an M.Sc. in Agricultural and Bioresource Engineering, and has completed a Technology Commercialization Internship which included basic licensing training and intellectual property management. Prior to joining Red River College, he worked in technical sales for six years – the majority of which were spent in the composites manufacturing sector. Although currently in a managerial role, Rob still enjoys working in the field alongside his team of research professionals and technologists and has trained in air leakage testing of large buildings along with infrared thermography.

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