Brett Hiscock, LEAN Facilitator

Brett Hiscock, CIM, P.Mgr, C.Mgris a LEAN Facilitator and the Training Within Industry (TWI) Instructor for CME Manitoba. In a career spanning more than two decades, Brett has worked extensively in manufacturing operations management. He has held Operations and Production Manager positions for local and international organizations, including Palliser Furniture, a company with annual domestic and international sales of $500 million.

Since joining CME in 2011, Brett has worked with more than 50 consortia companies to implement LEAN principles. He has helped over 25 companies implement TWI. Brett holds his Yellowbelt, Greenbelt, Blackbelt certifications, and Master Blackbelt certifications in LEAN Manufacturing. He is certified by the U.S.-based TWI Institute to deliver Job Instruction and Job Relations program modules.

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