Ralph Eschenwecker, Director, Business Process Improvement, Loewen Windows

Ralph Eschenwecker is a Leadership Service Provider specializing in delivering Corporate Improvement in all areas of Manufacturing Businesses. Ralph has an extensive background as a corporate excellence professional with Operations, Business Process Redesign (Lean), Engineering, Supply Chain, Facilities and Quality Systems experience in diversified high-tech industrial sectors and the business acumen required to thrive in today’s global environment. Ralph is a Professional Engineer and a Fellow of the Engineers of Canada, and has an appreciation of data, process discipline and rational thinking. As a Leader, he has developed an appreciation of the power of team, inspired individuals, and a business aligned strategy driven by motivated people. Ralph believes the power of team is a given – it’s a matter of crafting the right combination of skills and behavior and then facilitating the direction and guidance for amazing achievement. As a Colleague, Ralph values a team based, collaborative environment.

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