Gaetano Nino Caldarola, Red River College

As a result of working in the Automotive, Agricultural Equipment, and Aerospace Industries before teaching CAD for the past fourteen years, Nino is extremely knowledgeable and comfortable in the latest CAD technology and enjoys presenting to audiences in a classroom environment. He has also worked with customers in concept development and prototyping in the mechanical and manufacturing engineering fields. He has worked with various high profile and High Tech companies (Parker Hannifin, ULA, Valve Software, MC Gill, Boeing, CNH, Stratasys, Rand Worldwide, etc…). He has also consulted with several start‐up companies for various new product and project ranging from computer peripherals to Satellite launch vehicles. He has been written up in various engineering periodical and newspapers (Design World, CG Design, National Post, Globe and Mail on‐line, and Autodesk internal newsletters).

He has also worked on personal development projects which have taken him into the new technologies of rapid prototyping and 3D Print. His ultimate achievements have been 2 models (recognised as the most complex and largest in the world) that have been 3D Print produced and exhibited at Autodesk University (Las Vegas) 2009 and 2010. Both models are on display at Autodesk Gallery.

Mr. Caldarola has a bachelor’s degree in Science (Mathematics, University of Manitoba), and certification in Aircraft Engineering Technology (Ryerson Polytech, Toronto). Mr. Caldarola has attended all advanced training session (on‐line & direct) provided by Autodesk up to and including 2017. He currently holds several design/engineer/prototyping certifications.

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