FenCon18 Dates Announced

FenCon18 will be held on March 1, 2018 at The Victoria Inn Hotel and Convention Centre in Winnipeg.

Visit FenCon18.com often to view updates to the program, speakers and exhibitors.

If you are interested in sponsoring please contact Nancy at info@fenestrationmanitoba.ca. Click here to view the here to view the FenCon18 Sponsorship Package.

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Check Out The FenCon17 Pictures!

The FenCon17 picture gallery is now available for viewing. Photos by Leif Norman.

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Why diversity is crucial to innovation success

Written by David Moskal, InVision Edge

Let’s say I work on the shop floor of a furniture manufacturing company. Senior leadership has decided that, as the focus of an innovation project, we need to come up with ideas for reducing errors and rework on the shop floor.

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Come prepared to be inspired, learn . . and most importantly – engage with window and door manufacturing people!

Written by Al Dueck, President, Duxton Windows and Doors and Event Chair, FenCon17

It’s been a some very busy days but there is a very rewarding set of results accumulating. An excellent group of fenestration suppliers have committed to the sponsorship and/or technical presentations at www.FenCon17.com on February 10th. Window and door manufacturing can be a challenging but rewarding business and we intend to help with that process in an ever more complex world. In fact, one of the challenges may be how best to allocate your time amongst the three different streams of seminars as it is possible and recommended to book sessions in advance to avoid a sold out situation. Read More »

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Innovation is ageless: Five reasons to engage baby boomers in your innovation projects

Written by Rhonda Honke, InVision Edge

I like to think of myself as an open minded, inclusive person, but I have to admit that, at times, I too fall victim to stereotyping. I am a child of baby boomer parents. I have often thought, like some of you perhaps, that while ‘boomers’ bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to business, they aren’t forward thinking or innovative. Tell me you haven’t either heard (or said) any one of these things in the past year:

“Baby boomers are just too set in their ways to change.”
“We just have to wait it out until the baby boomers retire, then we can make changes.”
“Boomers don’t have the interest or ability to learn new things.”

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Learning vs failing: Five tips to encourage your employees

Written by Rhonda Honke, Invision Edge

rhonda-blog-picWhen I was younger, experiments were saved for science class. We’d formulate some sort of hypothesis, mix a concoction in a beaker, heat it up and watch it overflow like lava. We’d document what we did, the results we achieved, and make a call as to whether or not we proved out our hypothesis. Sometimes we were right and sometimes we were wrong — regardless, we always learned something as a result. Read More »

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Setting goals, action plans, priorities, and phases

Written by Matt Batcha, Fenetech

Create a plan

Now that you know what your needs are it is time to create a plan. While it would be nice to go out and purchase all the latest machinery and software to create an integrated facility, it simply is not that practical as this would require very deep pockets and a willingness to jump right in. The road to a complete integrated facility cannot be traveled overnight. In fact, only the most progressive thinking companies will take this journey.  Read More »

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Deciding what you need

Written by Matt Batcha, Fenetech

Identify your needs

Now that you have created a vision of your reality, you must identify your needs.

  • Do you have equipment that can be upgraded to provide a level of automation that creates value by reducing labor, improving quality, and throughput?
  • Do you have islands of automation that, while providing value in a single work cell, still require local manual data entry to facilitate production?
  • Do you have equipment that provides the openness and communication abilities to allow for complete integration?
  • Do you have complete visibility of what is happening in real time on the shop floor?
  • And most importantly, is your software system capable of being the foundation that is required to reach the goal of complete integration?

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The Steps to Automation and Integration

Written by Matt Batcha, Fenetech

Perform a performance baseline

The first step in creating an integrated facility is to perform a performance baseline to establish your reality.  As you do this, determine if your work cells are automated.  If yes, this is a great jumping off point. If not, can the work cells be automated?  Does your equipment have the capability to be automated? Read More »

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Automation, integration, or both?

Written by Matt Batcha, Fenetech

Define the future of your manufacturing model

Automation is defined as the process of utilizing control systems to remove human intervention from a task. The benefits of automation include reduced labor, higher repeatability, and increased quality. Read More »

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