February 10, 2017
Victoria Inn Hotel and Convention Centre
1808 Wellington Avenue, Winnipeg
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7:45 – 8:15 am Registration and Networking Breakfast – Viewing of Exhibits
8:15 – 8:30 am Conference Opens

8:30 – 9:30 am Opening Plenary – Innovation in Window and Door Manufacturing – A Moderated Discussion

A presentation and discussion around technologies that are key to the progress and success of window and door manufacturing going forward.



9:30 – 10:30 am Creating a Safety Culture

The Cardinal Glass plant in Fargo was extremely proud when OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) Evaluation Team recommended the Fargo IG plant for inclusion as a Star Site participant in the VPP.
To put this into perspective, this is only the 7th manufacturing site and 11th overall site in North Dakota to achieve the Star level of certification, which ranks the Fargo plant’s safety program in the top 1% of manufacturers in North Dakota. Even more impressive, just 0.03% of eligible sites in the United States currently carry any OSHA VPP certification, much less the highest level, Star. The Star level of certification is the highest level of certification, and recognizes employers and employees for developing and implementing continuous workplace safety and health management programs temhat result in injury/illness rates that are below the national averages for their industries. Jenni Lubbers, Director of Employee Services, guided the Fargo plant to and through this monumental effort. Her presentation will give FenCon seminar attendees insights into how this was achieved and how other companies may well learn to achieve similar levels of safety for their employees.


Continuous Improvement – The Early Journey

DUXTON launched its Continuous Improvement program in 2014. The new program has various facets, including training lead hands in Lean Manufacturing; forming a leadership team to drive the program; implementing visual lean tools; setting up communication boards; developing a quality audit program; and now exploring various automation equipment for error-proofing and speed.


Presentation – Dueck

Window Finishes: From the Present to the Future

The fenestration industry currently offers a considerable variety of frame types including vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass and wood as well as a variety of finishes ranging from a full range of colors to various types of wood laminate, simulated wood and stain finishes. Our presenters will discuss how this industry is evolving and how it projects into a world where durability and environmental concerns create ever greater challenges.


Presentation – Harris

Presentation – Jasminez

Presentation – Patermann

Presentation – Gunderson

10:30 – 11:00 am Coffee and Networking – Viewing of Exhibits
11:00 am – 12:00 Noon The Made Safe Program and Fenestration

Neal Curry is a manufacturing industry executive with over 40 years of successful leadership experience in small, medium and large companies, in both union and non-union environments. A long-serving member of the CME Manitoba board of directors, Neal is a passionate practitioner of effective safety programs that not only comply with accepted safety practices and legislation, but also develop a culture of safety. Neal will present how the window and door manufacturing industry in Manitoba can not only achieve greater success in this endeavor but also benefit from a reduction in related costs.


Presentation – Curry

The Impact and Benefits of Continuous Improvement

Ralph is a Leadership Service Provider delivering Corporate Improvement in all areas of Manufacturing Businesses including Business Process Redesign (Lean). As a Professional Engineer, Ralph has an appreciation of data, process discipline and rational thinking. Ralph has spent numerous years working with Loewen Windows and their factory leadership – guiding the implementation and effectiveness of the Continuous Improvement program. Ralph will provide some key insights into that process and how it has benefitted the company and its employees over an approximate 10 year period of time.


Presentation – Eschenwecker

High Performance Glass

High performance glass has evolved resulting in a wide range of benefits. Some of these innovations include dual pane to quint pane glass, a variety of low e coatings, inert fills, warm edge spacers and “active” films. The Canadian Prairies have a rich history of leadership in the production of not only high performance glass but some of the frames/sash to accommodate and deliver high performance. Our knowledgeable industry experts will present their research findings including overall U values, cooling load implications, durability and surface temperatures, the advantages of high performance glass, special strengths of advanced warm edge spacers and new develpments in coating to help manufacturers identify their best approach.


Presentation – Schroeder

Presentation – Holliday

12:00 Noon – 1:30 pm Nicole Verkindt – Founder, OMX | “Dragon”, Next Gen Den| Panellist, CBC News, The Exchange

Topic: Innovation, Technology and Disruption

Nicole Verkindt is passionate about technology. She’s a Dragon on the tech-focused web series NextGen Den, she’s the technology columnist for Vanguard magazine, in addition to being the founder of tech driven company OMX. In this riveting talk, Nicole will explain how investment in technology can drive competitive growth, and shows audiences how to leverage technology as a competitive advantage.

Presentation – Verkindt

1:30 – 2:30 pm ERP: Implementations in Fenestration and Increasing Efficiency

Experienced software providers will provide advice and share lessons learned on implementing ERP programs at fenestration operations.


Presentation – Batcha, Rondeau, Olson

Launching Continuous Improvement in your Factory

Ian Marshall, Lean Champion, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, joined CME Manitoba Division in 2005 as part of the Advanced Manufacturing Initiative, a joint industry / government funded initiative aimed at helping Manitoba manufacturing companies improve productivity and achieve world best performance. In this role, Ian delivers the Lean Greenbelt and Blackbelt certification programs, assists public and private sector organizations on enterprise-wide Lean transformation and supports the five Manitoba Lean consortiums. Ian will provide some specific insights into the “newbies” who wish to learn how to launch their own Continuous Improvement program and how to achieve some excellent benefits from that investment of time and effort.


Ian Marshall, Canadian Manufacturers’ & Exporters

Presentation – Marshall

NAFS Start to Finish

The Canadian fenestration regulatory environment continues to evolve but the impact of NAFS keeps growing. This NAFS presentation will provide further insights into why it is so important to every manufacturer as well as how to work with it. A recent renewed focus on AAMA 450 will also be brought into the discussion. This component reviews ways in which simulation can be brought alongside physical testing in an attempt to optimize the industry’s engagement with the regulation.


Presentation – Goldsmith

Presentation – Alkhoury

2:30 – 3:00 pm Coffee and Networking -Viewing of Exhibits
3:00 – 4:00 pm New Ideas in Automation Bring Real Benefits

This presentation will deliver a unique and stimulating combination of cutting edge engineering skill and knowledge of Paul Breault with the exciting impact brought to life at Adfast by Denis Perron. Paul describes himself as curious and passionate about the world of industrial automation with over 20 years of experience in industrial automation processes, automation machines and robots installation, machining automation parts and robotics and maintenance. When Paul looks at an industrial production line, optimization solutions are emerging automatically in his mind and he likes working with people, complex projects and problems for which solutions are not clear. Denis will discuss the very real benefits to employees and other stakeholders of their long term investments.


Innovation @ Work

Rhonda Honke, InVision, will lead the discussion with a focus on “making innovation happen to grow great companies”. We’ll get some ideas of what this measns “Don’t just keep up: Disrupt.” Innovation and growth – a systematic idea of a clear strategy and focus on execution that can turn big ideas into reality to create value, and engaged leaders who are inspired to get things done. Aaron and Steve will provide some interesting insights how their companies function in order to deliver innovations in fenestration hardware.


Presentation – Honke

  • Steve Wood, Hoppe
  • Aaron Mundt, Truth Hardware

Presentation – Mundt

Managing a Diverse Workforce

Our line leaders are achieving success with a workforce consisting of people from a number of different countries mixing multiple languages and cultural/socio-ethnic backgrounds. This section will begin with an inspirational introduction from an expert on the field. Their recommendations will be complemented by the input from window manufacturing managers with real experiences/challenges.


Presentation – Calisto-Tavares

Presentation – Geddert

4:00 – 5:00 pm Networking Mixer – Viewing of Exhibits