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The Early Journey in Continuous Improvement Z-Land

Written by Aynsley Dueck, DUXTON Windows & Doors I have a green belt now. A big, shiny green belt that carries opportunity on one side, and responsibility on the other. (For those of you who don’t know a green belt, check out CME’s Lean (or Continuous Improvement) training – you’ll be glad you did.

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Wondering what an ERP made for the window and door industry can do for you?

By Serge Rondeau, 360 Innovations ERP systems solve a few challenges and provide invaluable benefits to manufacturers seeking to reduce costs, manage growth, streamline processes and gain a competitive advantage. ERP software integrates all areas of business (materials and inventory, production, operations and sales, accounting and finance, reporting, etc.) so that every business function relies […]

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Why LEAN needs Innovation Engineering

By Rhonda Honke, inVision Edge I often hear business leaders say, “If we’re doing LEAN, do we really need Innovation Engineering too?”, or “We’re good: we do LEAN.” Thinking that Innovation Engineering and LEAN are interchangeable is a common mistake. The truth is that LEAN needs Innovation Engineering to be most effective. And when a […]

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Win/Win/Win Automating for all Stakeholders at Adfast

Written by Denis Perron, V.P. Sales and Marketing, Adfast and FenCon17 Presenter. Automation has become a key competitive advantage for Adfast, allowing us to increase our production volume with greater repeatability and quality.  At the beginning, we started this journey to achieve reliability in our production, reduce safety concerns and improve our competitiveness.  However, along the […]

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Registration for FenCon17 Starts Out With a Bang!

Nancy Zubriski, Executive Director for Fenestration Manitoba, reports that 50 people signed up for FenCon17 last night at the Fenestration Manitoba AGM. In addition, there were expectations for another exhibitor/sponsor and a new FenMan member!

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WinDoor 2016 : Viva Montreal

Choose a robot for your factory from Precision Motor Control? Learn about the impact of AAMA 450 re NAFS ratings and testing? AmesburyTruth booth for the latest advances in casement or sliding door hardware? Have Serge Rondeau discuss the latest 360 software innovations? Gain some of the latest insight into YOUR industry organization ? […]

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WinDoor 2017 : Viva Montreal

One of the special advantages of getting involved in Fenstration Canada as well as WinDoor is the unique ability to get acquainted and establish special friendships across the country with peers. Yvon Houle, founder and president of Portes & Fenetre President, has been in the industry for many years and also quite active in various […]

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Message from the FenCon17 Chairperson

Fenestration Manitoba is thrilled to be launching FenCon17, a new conference to be held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the center of North America. FenCon17 will be dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and expertise in the field of window and door manufacturing. Our commitment is to bring the best and brightest to Winnipeg to deliver a […]

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FenCon17 in the News!

Fenestration Manitoba has announced a new event for the Canadian window and door industry taking place Feb. 10, 2017, at the Victoria Inn in Winnipeg. FenCon17 Conference and Expo will be a one-day gathering of the industry for educational seminars and supplier exhibits. See more on

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